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CORPUS 10 ; mixed media on canvas ; 160x114cm Lou Ros 2012  

I want to believe.

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Gulabi Maps:: Dari दरी :: Hand woven textiles for each sister in my mother’s family 

My mama’s mom got daris/textile mattress-blankets made for her 5 daughters for their dowries in punjab…
My mama’s is this pink geometric textile that traveled with her to the US and was packed away for years in the garage closet filled with other indian suits/saris/cloths. 
Found it a year ago and brought it to my home away frm home, where it lays unfolded on my bed or wrapped around me :) 
this textile carries the energies of strong mamas & migration…. oooff
& the designs are so beautiphool 

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Grimes, Pitchfork 2014

Oh shit

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This tattoo was done by Shannon Perry. 

droomoog - Music production visualized with bunnies.